What Is WhirlyBall

What the heck is WhirlyBall?!?  WhirlyBall is an extremely fun “sport” that combines basketball, hockey, lacrosse, and bumper-cars.  That’s right, bumper-cars.  In WhirlyBall, two teams of up to 5 players (no minimum) use scoops to try to toss a ball through elevated backboards at opposite ends of an enclosed court (roughly the size of a basketball court) while driving specially designed bumper-cars.


WhirlyBall is played in “WhirlyBugs” – very advanced bumper-cars that are quick and highly maneuverable









The WhirlyBugs are driven on a court comprised of metal floor plates that provide power.












To score points, players must toss a wiffleball through the goal in the backboard, using a scoop

whiffleBall scoop backboard_clipped