• Seriously?  Bumper cars?  Sounds kind of ridiculous…
    • It’s ridiculously fun!
  • So who can play?
    • Almost anyone!  Specifically, anyone over 54” tall – young or old, male or female, couch potato or Olympian, it doesn’t matter!  However, WhirlyBall should not be played by individuals with heart or spine conditions, or those who are pregnant.
  • Is this just a kids’ thing?
    • Not at all.  Bumper cars are for grown-ups, too!  WhirlyBall is the perfect activity for your next group get-together – corporate events, birthdays, bachelor / bachelorette parties, or just because it rocks!
  • Can kids play?
    • Although there isn’t a minimum age for WhirlyBall, there is a height requirement. Participants must be at least 54 inches tall, so that they can reach the accelerator pedal with their foot and remain safely secured in the seat by the seat belt. This typically means ages 11-12 and up, but would obviously vary in individual cases.
  • Do I need to have 10 people to play?
    • No!  Up to 10 players can play at a time, and it’s usually more fun when more people are playing, but you can definitely play with fewer people (we recommend at least 6) or more than 10 (and rotate players on and off the court between games).
  • Do I play with just my group, or do we play against other people?
    • If you rent the court in advance, you get the whole court for the whole time, regardless of headcount (1 person, 100 people, or anywhere in between).  If you don’t want to rent the entire court or wrangle up more people for your game, just stop on by, and (subject to court availability) we will link you up with other smaller groups for a pick-up game.
  • Do you have Leagues?
    • Yes! Check out our Leagues page for current information on WhirlyLeagues!
  • How do I reserve court time or plan an event?


  • Ok, so is laser tag just for kids?
    •  Not at all!  Just like bumper cars, laser tag can be fun for all ages.
  • Can kids play?
    • Sure!  Anyone at least 44 inches tall is welcome to play.
  • Can I add laser tag to my WhirlyBall event?
    • Of course!  See pricing information on the “Laser Tag” tab, or ask about laser tag when submitting your reservation request on the “Play WhirlyBall” tab.
  • Do I play with just my group, or against other people?
    • Just like WhirlyBall, if you rent the entire arena, the space is used by your group and your group alone.  If you’re stopping in for a walk-in game, we’ll group you together with other available walk-in players for a more exciting game!


  •  Can I just come in to eat, without playing WhirlyBall?
    •  Of course!  Stop in anytime for lunch, dinner, or just some snacks and a cold beverage.  Try our made-from-scratch pizzas baked in a stone-deck oven, burgers, wraps, salads, appetizers and more!
  • Do you just have bar food?
    •  It’s WAY better than “bar food”!  See our regular menu here, which offers outstanding appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and made-from-scratch pizzas.  If you’re planning an event, see our package menu here  for a wide variety of options, ranging from basic to elaborate, or anywhere in between.  Let us customize your meal to fit your vision and budget!
  • Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
    • Whether you’re meat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, or “free” of anything else, we’re excited about the opportunity to serve you.  Work with our chef when planning your event to build the menu that’s right for you.